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New collection: Back to Nature!

Back to Nature - Back to Basics with Khrôma

With the new Back to Nature collection by Khrôma, Masureel responds to the trend to return back to nature, to authentic materials, to thoroughness. We are looking for quality and durable materials more and more and would like to re-integrate natural elements into our home. Wood, natural stone, linen and cotton therefore appear increasingly in the interior and this in their purest form. Unevenness, the robustness of the test of time, may definitely remain visible in the materials used. This fact emphasizes the authenticity and adds extra character. Neutral and warm colours, such as shades of grey, beiges and pastels reappear next to deeper shades like ruby red and terracotta, copper and zinc, the colour of gemstones. The chic and elegant black is also back. The new Back to Nature collection combines these trendy elements and guides nature subtly to the inside.