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Luxurious non woven wallcoverings




The walls must be dry, smooth, proper, dust-free, oil-free and in a neutral white color. Close up holes and/or cracks in the wall with a filler and sand them smooth. First treat highly absorbent walls with a fixing primer. A primer, fixation, or a layer of undercoat is recommended. ( This will reduce possible color differences or stains. It also prevents the risk of wallcovering coming loose when there is new plastering. Thorough preparation of the foundation is very important for thin or light-colored wallcovering references, since these are more sensitive to possible transparency. Placing a plain coated wallcovering as a foundation or painting white is recommended. (e.g. Topwall Prolin - When purchasing the various rolls of wallcovering, also note the manufacturing batch, which must be the same for each roll in order to prevent possible color differences.



Carefully follow these next steps:
Cut the strips to the desired length. Take into account the survey height and whether or not there will be reversing (instructions are located on the front of the label). Roll the drawing inwards. Apply to the walls a universal ready-to-use wall adhesive that has an acrylate base, suited for non woven wallcoverings. (e.g. Topwall Prokoll - Follow the instructions from the adhesive manufacturer.

(01) Adhere the strips next to each other (without overlapping!) and press on them using a brush or spatula.

(02) Start from the middle and brush to the sides so that all the air bubbles disappear. Keep residual adhesive from getting on the wallcoverings. If this does happen, however, carefully remove it by dabbing with a moist cloth. DO NOT RUB. Cut off the excess wallcovering by the ceiling and the baseboards with a utility knife.

(03) Let dry, avoiding rapid and excessive warming or drafts during the drying and the installation itself.



Quality non woven wallcovering that was applied in the manner above can be easily removed when dry. (04)



Check the result after applying three strips. Complaints about more than three strips will not be accepted. Further completion is your own responsibility. Complaints must be reported immediately and directly to your distributor.



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