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Interior tips

A few inspiring interior tips from the Khrôma design team...


  • If you choose Khrôma wallpaper as an accent in the room, then you can put wallpaper on a full wall, but definitely also on a niche, a back wall of an open or closed cupboard, or why not the provide bookshelves with an original and striking wallpaper pattern?
  • If you wish to put Khrôma wallpaper on a full accent wall, then rather opt for a wall without windows.
  • If you opt for a stripe pattern and you wish to lengthen  your space, then hang the stripes horizontally. Or do you wish to increase the height of the wall visually, then place the stripes vertically. All of Khrôma’s wallpaper can be placed either horizontally or vertically. (vertically on the roll)
  • Dare to make a breach in style. Mix a classic ornament with a feisty paint colour from the appropriate Colorythm series (, or match a modern geometric pattern with a soft plain design!
  • We recommend the use of universal ready-made curtain wall adhesive by Topwall Prokoll for the perfect installation of the Khrôma wallpaper. (
  • The Kidzzz children's collection invites you to endless combinations of digital wallpaper strips with matching non-woven wallpaper and paint tints from the Colorhythm series and this in 8 playful children themes! The space really comes to life with the matching stickers: fluttering butterflies, twinkling planets, etc. and they thus provide a unique and highly personalized touch in the room of the kids!
  • Two opposing colours go together perfectly, will express each other even more and will provide contrast and character in your interior! (e.g. warm rust in combination with fresh green)
  • Shades within the same colour group provide peace and unity in the space.
  • Let your warm oak flooring stand out even better by combining cooler shades like blue, purple and green on the wall.
  • Your opt for a brighter shade like orange, turquoise or fuchsia as an accent on the wall? Tone these down lightly by using combinations of light pastel shades. This creates a softer impression and ensures that you will not get bored with it quickly.
  • The combination of matt and gloss finishes within the wallpaper pattern creates a playful touch and looks very beautiful and elegant!
  • Put your favourite architectural elements more in the spotlight by working with accents: a striking wallpaper pattern, the combination of paint (Colorythm) and wallpaper, combining two different wallpaper patterns, etc.
  • Let your creativity run wild in areas where you spend less time, such as the bathroom or the entrance hall.
  • Surprise your friends and family and go for the best 'wow' effect when they open the front door of the entrance hall! After all, this area sets the tone for the rest of your interior, so here you can feel free use striking wallpaper pattern or an original colour!
  • Paint elements, such as doors and radiators, in the same colour tint as which is used on the wall where it is present. This creates peace and unity in space and ensures that such objects attract less attention.